Denso AT27Q barcode scanner for healthcare and laboratory applications

Denso AT27Q Healthcare Barcode Scanner

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Model: AT27Q-SB, Cordless Bluetooth Handheld (Gun / Pistol-Grip)

The AT27Q offers exceptional scanning reliability with the conveniences of wireless\Bluetooth technology.

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Barcode Scanner with Standard Range 2D Imager (Scan Engine: Area Imager, Interface: Bluetooth

Laboratory barcodes pose real challenges. Tissue cassette cassette spend hours under vacuum pressure, submersed in paraffin, xylene and solvents before getting scanned. And cryogenic vials are stored at unimaginably cold temperatures for extended periods of time, before getting scanned. Barcodes on blood vials are round, not strait. They require perfect scan rates. Blood bags, wristbands and other patient identification assets all have their own barcode challenges.